“Let’s be practical.”
That’s one of our favorite sayings at The Martial Arts Studio. Because practical is what we’re all about.
What’s the easiest way you can walk away from a fight? What’s the most practical weapon you have to finishing the fight fast and getting home safe to your loved ones?
Our Adult martial arts program isn’t based on sport or what’s currently the most popular martial art. It’s based upon traditional 2,000-year old fighting systems and that have one purpose… to make sure you walk away from anything.
Our Adult martial arts program is a three-fold system that includes (1) weapons training… (2) empty hand fighting (Kempo)… and (3) joint locking (Daito Ryu).


Weapons are the ultimate object for self-defense. Broom handles… fallen branches… the snow brush from your car… they can all be used practically to defend yourself. That’s why The Martial Arts Studio’s program includes training in: sword, Jo (5-ft. staff), and double sticks. Because if grabbing a weapon during a fight is the easiest thing to do, you should know how to use the weapon you grabbed.



KEMPO (Empty Hand Fighting):
“Oops… I dropped my weapon.” Now what? Time to defend yourself with an empty hand fighting system… Kempo. Born on the Samurai battlefields, this ancient martial art is based upon understanding your opponent’s body. By knowing where to strike, when to kick, and how to get out of the way, Kempo is an effective art that will have you ending any encounter quickly.


DAITO RYU (Joint Locking):
Unfortunately no matter what weapon or striking and kicking combination you use, sometimes an attacker is going to get close enough to grab you. That’s why we also teach Daito Ryu as part of our Adult martial arts program. Daito Ryu is an ancient art that blends joint manipulation and throwing techniques. By studying Daito Ryu, you’ll learn how to get out of grabs… control holds… and effectively subdue or injure an attacker. The ultimate goal is to neutralize the situation, and Daito Ryu can help you do that effortlessly.



Interested and intrigued? Come in and experience a class for yourself. No commit. No hassles. Just stop in and observe or take a class. We love to share what we do.


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