“In the years I have been at the Martial Arts Studio, I have NEVER seen Sensei’s and other MAS staff member’s dedication to, and love for Martial Arts waiver. Their commitment is indicative of the quality of instruction and immersion into martial arts. I remain inspired and motivated.”     — J. Voorhees -–

“I wanted to let you all know about Daniel’s awards from the LMS 8th grade awards assembly.

He received a High Honor Roll award, which we knew about.

He also received the music student of the year – one awarded for all of 8th grade; we suspected.

We did not know he was one of 4 students nominated for the American Legion Citizenship award.

He was also given the citizenship award for his entire team. This is what was said about him:

“This young man is also a dedicated student. Always participating in class, answering and asking questions, always respectful of others and a pleasure to teach. Even more important, this young man is the type of friend I wish my own children had. He’s incredibly good hearted, trustworthy, and genuine. There wasn’t a single day that went by, unless he was absent, that I wasn’t on the receiving end of a “Have a nice day Mrs. Craig.” His positive attitude infected the entire team, and we were better for having the chance to get to know Daniel Foltz.”

I just wanted to pass that along so you could share in our pride. Thank you for all you do and just keep doing it!”      — T. Foltz —


“I have been training at the Martial Arts Studio since November 2001. The Senseis are quite skilled in the martial arts and are generous with their time and knowledge. The students get the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers of the different arts that are taught at the school. In all, the Martial Arts Studio has been a very positive influence on me as a person and a martial artist.”     — R. Subrahamanian —

“My son, Austin, who is in his 5th year at Makoto After-School Martial Arts program, insists to attend Makoto everyday even through he has proper care at home and can stay home by himself. This shows a lot how much he enjoys the time spent at Makoko, the learning, entainment, friendship and care received from Makoto.”     — H. Yu —

“I want to let you know how very much Ella enjoys her marial arts classes and how much she has learned from them. She started at The Martial Arts Studio when she was 3 years old. My husband and I thought that it would be a fun activity for her and help her a bit with her coordination (which was not very strong back then!). She has continued since then (with the occasional summer break) and has never once mentioned not wanting to be there. In fact, for the last few years, whenever someone asks her what she wants to be when she grows up, she always answers with a combination of two things: veterinarian, or doctor, or famous singer AND a karate instructor! She is always proud to tell people that she studies martial arts and that she can’t wait until she earns her black belt. And I know that she has learned a great deal of discipline, focus, and respect from her classes.

Sensei La France and Sensei Murphy have, indeed, changed her life.”     — C. Bacher —

“Thanks for all the support you give me. You have no idea how much kickboxing has improved my life and mental health! It’s a huge credit to you that I’ve continued with it for as long as I have and even come to rely on it. I know it can be hard to be a business owner. I just want you to know that you affect a great many lives without realizing!”     — A. Smith —

“I really appreciate all your program is doing to help my son grow into a strong person and helpful part of society. I really feel it takes a village to raise a child and I am glad your team is part of our village.”             — T. Duffy —

“We wanted to let you know that the Martial Arts Studio is outstanding! — In a time when there is so much input from sources (Music, TV and Video), the Martial Arts Studio program and its staff has impacted the life of our son for the better. It’s approach towards, discipline, values, and martial arts is one of a kind. Our son loves being there and you can see it, in how he interacts with the instructors, and the resulting affect it has on his school work.

His experiences and what he has been taught at the Martial Arts Studio will last him a lifetime.”           — D. Mansfield —